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System Requirements:
Newer model computer suited for internet browsing
Windows Operating System
Internet Explorer
High speed internet connection

Optimize Internet Explorer:
The following setup procedures will ensure that your Cheques, Invoices and Reports print correctly to your local printer and that Easybooks displays properly on your screen:

Launch Internet Explorer and complete the following:

(a) Page Setup - from "File" on the menu bar, select "Page Setup". Remove or hide all text in Header and Footer section to ensure that this information does not print on your Cheques, Invoices or Reports. Set your margins for Left, Right, Top and Bottom to 0.3 inches. If you have an inkjet printer you may not be able to get your bottom margin set to 0.3 inches, as the minimum may be 0.5 inches. This is acceptable. Click "O.K" to save your changes.

(b) Trusted Site - from "Tools" on the menu bar select "Internet Options". Select the "Security" tab and click on "Trusted Sites". Click on the button "Sites" and under "Add this website to the zone" type in "https://www.easybooks.ca" then click "Add" and "Close". Set the security Level for this zone to "Low" then click "O.K" to save your changes. If the security level slider does not show click "Default level" and the slider will appear. Easybooks will now be recognized as a Trusted Site by your computer and you will be able to print Cheques, Invoices and Reports directly to your local printer from the Easybooks server.

(c) Text Size - from "View" on the menu bar, select "Text Size". Your text size should already be set to medium by default. If not, reset your text size to "Medium".

(d) Compatibility Mode - from "Tools" on the menu bar, select "Compatibility View Settings" and add "easybooks.ca" to the list of sites.

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